Photography – Manuel Vázquez


Based on my work with found objects and memories, Kensington Palace commissioned bespoke installations for their exhibition on the life and reign of Queen Victoria (1819 – 1901), Victoria Revealed.

I was asked to bring to life the stories from Queen Victoria and Prince Albert by displaying selected belongings in seven cabinets, each referring to different stages in their life. In my practice I normally alter the objects I work with but this time I had to find new ways of creating based around very strong conservation restrictions.

In order to communicate the emotional quality of the Queen’s life I created playful naive scenarios, combining their precious belongings with bespoke pieces I crafted: porcelain figures and illustrated paper constructions. I chose to work with porcelain, in history known as white gold, the noblest ceramic material, for its purity while the paper cuts added further possibilities of storytelling and evoking places or imaginings.

Porcelain consultancy and mentoring: Jo Davis
Exhibition Designers: OPERA Amsterdam
Curation: Deirdre Murphy