Photography – Manuel Vázquez


I recently had the honour of creating some installations for one of the rooms in Victoria Revealed, a permanent exhibition at Kensington Palace about the life and reign of Queen Victoria (1819 – 1901).

I was asked to come up with a way of displaying the selected objects inside 7 cabinets emphasizing the story-telling without being too obvious while dealing with very strong conservation restrictions to protect the objects from being damaged. Directed by the talented curator Deirdre Murphy and the interior designers at OPERA I immersed myself in the world of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Based on her love for theatre each cabinet is set up as a theatre setting made of paper constructions and porcelain figures.

The paper elements are painted with gold, burnt sienna and black ink and inspired by old Victorian toys. The white porcelain figures were created under the tuition of the talented ceramicist Jo Davis.

Curation: Deirdre Murphy
Interpretation Management: Alexandra Gaffikin
Exhibition Designers: OPERA Amsterdam
Porcelain consultancy and mentoring: Jo Davis
Assistant Content Developer: Mary Canham
Content Researcher: Lynne Darwood
Mounting: Colin Lindley, Nathan Jones
Preventative Conservation Supervisor: Kerren Harris
Treatment Conservation Manager: Miriam Langford
Preventative Conservation Manager: Kathryn Hallett
Paper prop maker: Peter Barry
Paper prop maker: Greg Ross
Textiles: Jennifer Rothrock
Colouring: Judit Ferencz