Memory Corner

Photography: Manuel Vázquez

Memory Corner

‘Memory Corner’ is a corner of curiosities carefully collected and reinvented. The group combines animal remains: eggshells, feathers and bones with found objects, precious antiques and hand-carved sculptures. Despite the different values of the elements they are all grouped together as a statement of inclusion of all. An overall victorian feel brings the nostalgia of old times to the group and there is a call to nature as animal parts are combined with the in-animated objects.

The installation was part of ‘Portraits of my life as a Bird’, my first solo show in London. Here is the press release:

‘Portraits of My Life as a Bird’ explores the nature and aesthetics of the hybrid. Throughout history, mythical hybrids such as the chimera were used to describe fantastic yet vulnerable power. Courtesy of rapid advances in genetic manipulation, humanity is now on the verge of holding such power. Liberated from biology and ethical oversight, ‘Portraits of My Life as a Bird’ is a playful imagining of this genetically mutated future.

Building on a rich body of illustration, Cristina has recently expanded into sculpture. Alarmed by our disposable culture, she began rescuing dumped pieces of furniture from the street. Inspired by the craftsmanship of a by-gone era, Cristina gave these found objects a simple choice: be reborn as part of her evolutionary experiment, or be annihilated by progress. With a willing collection of subjects, she thus set to work creating this explosive homage to the power of diversity.