Cristina Reyes’s creativity brings together the everyday and the exceptional, the playful and the painful. It is as though she has taken the world around her and tossed all the elements up into the air so that they may reform in new and intriguing shapes. Sometimes whimsical, sometimes sad, sometimes surreal, always touching, her pieces provide wonderfully profound reinventions. 

Cristina creates subconscious landscapes to process emotions in the form of sculptures and installations. She collects discarded objects from people that recently died, or objects that were abandoned, and revives them by making assemblages and often combining them with her own sculpted elements, carved in wood or moulded in clay or wax. She works with memories to transform them and explores the physicality of shapes. 

She first exhibited at the Print House Gallery in London in 2010 and has gone on to hold further exhibitions and other events in London, New York and Madrid. In 2012 she was commissioned by Kensington Palace to create installations for the permanent exhibition on Queen Victoria, Victoria Revealed. In 2018 she created a massive 2×2 metre chandelier, Memory Light, hanging from a massive 6m high arch at one of the venues in the emblematic Waterloo tunnel, Leake St. The following year Cristina took up an artist residency in Casa Voa, Rio de Janeiro.


Exhibitions and public events

Residencia 3, artist residency, Casa Voa, Rio de Janeiro 2019

Memory Light, installation commission, Aures, London 2018

A Transient Space, artist residency, exhibition, Geddes Gallery, London 2015
Otra Vida, installation, Rotherhithe Library, London 2015
Triptic, drawing improvisation, Tripspace, London 2015

Hinges, solo exhibition, TripSpace Projects, London 2014
Outside Fixed Patterns, collective exhibition, Art Represent, London 2014

Two headed Christmas, solo exhibition, Rivington Place, London 2013
Palmeras, live installation, Cr8net Conference, London 2013

Reminisces Room, exhibition display, Victoria Revealed, Kensington Palace 2012
Exhibition Match, collective exhibition, Vintage Festival, Hayward Gallery, London 2012
Ghosts of Gone Birds, collective exhibition, Onca Gallery, Brighton 2012

Capetown II, collective exhibition, Hostal Delvi, Madrid 2011
Where is my Mind, mixed media collaboration, 125 Magazine, London 2011
Manos Negras, collective exhibition, Jealous Gallery, London 2011

Portraits of my life as a Bird, solo exhibition, The Print House Gallery, London 2010
Pair of Rabbits, live event, V&A Friday Late, London 2010
The Poachers Pocket, collective exhibition, Towner & Hoxton Gallery, London 2010

Art in Industry, collective exhibition, Shunt, London 2009
Ocho Número Atómico, collective exhibition, ROJO artspace, Barcelona 2009
Ocho Delicate Nature, collective exhibition, ROJO artspace, Milano 2009

Spread the Lead, collective exhibition, Gallery Hanahou, New York 2008
Lugares hechos de Silencio, mural, Design Festa Gallery, Tokyo 2008
Art in Industry, collective exhibition, Shunt, London 2008
Colour Me, embroidery workshop, London Festival of Architecture, London 2008
Tangents, collective exhibition, Kunst Gallery, Gent 2008

DB Illustrate, collective exhibition, Design Week, London 2007


Illustration: Cristina Guitian

Cristina combines her work as an artist with her role as an award-winning illustrator, distinguishing her two worlds by illustrating under the name Cristina Guitian.